Our Life Is Like Our Breath

Hartwig Rohrmann's Film, "Our life is like our breath" - he was cameraman for Clemens Cuby's "Living Buddha" - presents the ideas of Buddhism with profound knowledge and calmness. Besides the daily routine and spiritual practice of beggar monks, he also covers the social structures of Thailand. Set in the National Park bordering Burma, near the famous river Kwai, the film gives, in addition, an impression of the silent ecological battle of the forest monks for the conversation of the endangered forest. Frankfurte Allgemeine Zeitung - 02/21/2000 Phra Sumedajahn Abbot, Wat Amaravati, England Re: International TV Documentary Title: "Our Life Is Like Our Breath" Subject: Life at Wat Pah Nanachat, The International Forest MonasteryProducer and Director: Mr. Hartwig Rohrmann I have seen the film of Mr. Rohrmann and I found it an inspiring portrayal of life as a forest monk in Northeast Thailand. Mr. Rohrmann has taken great monastic life. I respect his efforts and skill in making this film and would recommend it as a documentary that would benefit people in their study of Theravada Buddhism. Your Sincerely, Phra Sumedajahn (1st Abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat)

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